Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Denim skirt craze

Denim skirts look so chic and are a must for summer!

Claudia Schiffer styling out this high-waisted retro denim skirt

Keira Knightly going for a more casual, light weight 'fake denim', cotton skirt.

Denim skirts being modelled on the catwalk. Short and long ones both look so stylish!

I have recently been addicted to the denim skirt look. They are so easy to throw on, tucked into a cute little top and look instantly chic! I preferably like the high-waisted, longer ones but as shown above Keira Knightly wears a non-denim skirt, but still styling out the denim trend! I love how she twists things up and ops for a much more casual look. Where can you find these summer-must-haves?
  • Topshop and Asos offer a great range of denim skirts
However I got my denim skirt when taking a wonder around some of the charity shops near me and the one I found is perfect and only cost a remarkable £3.99 so I couldn't leave it!!! So do not hesitate when it comes to charity shops, they may smell slightly weird but sometimes you can find some wonderful treasures!