Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Denim skirt craze

Denim skirts look so chic and are a must for summer!

Claudia Schiffer styling out this high-waisted retro denim skirt

Keira Knightly going for a more casual, light weight 'fake denim', cotton skirt.

Denim skirts being modelled on the catwalk. Short and long ones both look so stylish!

I have recently been addicted to the denim skirt look. They are so easy to throw on, tucked into a cute little top and look instantly chic! I preferably like the high-waisted, longer ones but as shown above Keira Knightly wears a non-denim skirt, but still styling out the denim trend! I love how she twists things up and ops for a much more casual look. Where can you find these summer-must-haves?
  • Topshop and Asos offer a great range of denim skirts
However I got my denim skirt when taking a wonder around some of the charity shops near me and the one I found is perfect and only cost a remarkable £3.99 so I couldn't leave it!!! So do not hesitate when it comes to charity shops, they may smell slightly weird but sometimes you can find some wonderful treasures!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Crazy beautiful

Marilyn Monroe was 21 years old when she first modelled.
Marilyn Monroe is recognised instantly and became a major symbol through her famous blonde, short and curly hair.

Curves are beautiful and Marilyn demonstrates this beautifully!

Marilyn was renowned as a sex symbol through the public eye of her roles as a model, actress and singer .

During her youth, Marilyn showed athletic ability. She ran, swam, and played softball.

I am always so captivated and enchanted by Marilyn Monroe's beauty I personally believe that she is the most beautiful woman to of ever walked earth. Down below I researched some of the main information that I could find about how Marilyn ate and exercised!

Would Marilyn of been fat in our society today?

Marilyn Monroe was curvy, mainly because she was fairly big busted and this made  her waist appear very small and her hips were a health size - measurements of 36-22-35. However the word 'curvy' is sometimes miss-interperated and seen as 'fat' and 'big' however this is not the deal. Marilyn was said to range between the dress size of 10-18, however these sizes have rapidly changed over the years and the dress size that she would of been in our day and age would range from 6-14. You can see that she was tiny and not at all 'overweight'. 


In Marilyn's youth, she kept busy and enjoyed playing a variety of sports and was often tagged as a 'tom-boy' when she was younger. As Marilyn lived during the 'Great Depression' and often struggled for money during the 1940s, she didn't have the money to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. She regularly survived on as little as $1 per day (1940s money). She was known to have eaten things like raw hamburger, peanut butter, hot dogs, chilli, crackers, oatmeal, orange juice etc. 
As she grew up (preferably the 1950s), she needed to keep in shape for the public eye. She regularly worked out every morning and spent at least 10 minutes each morning doing exercises that would keep her 'wobbly' bits firm. She often exercised with weights (not very heavy ones) which would tone her arms and also sit-ups and squats. 

What did Marilyn eat?

She didn’t have any special diets, no special cooks…just a strict, and very odd dinner plan. I totally understand why the woman was slim, curvy, and beautiful—and perhaps depressed? Marilyn Monroe had such a wild diet, I’m not quite sure who ever gave her these ideas. I mean who drinks eggnog in the summer time? Well SHE does!

A day in the life of Marilyn (Only food wise. Unfortunately):

  • Orange juice or stewed prunes
  • Cereal
  • 2 slices of crisp toast with butter
  • 1 cup of milk or cocoa

  • 1 cup of milk, 1 cracker
  • Lean beef, chicken, lamb, sweetbreads, fish, chicken liver 
  • 1 potato, not FRIED 
  • 1/2 cup of tomatoes or beets, carrots, spinach, string beans, or peas 
  • 1 slice of bread with butter
  • Junket, custard, tapioca,  rice pudding, baked apple or eggnog